Meet Rebecca

Founder of Breathe Medical Spa
BA, Medical Aesthetician, Laser Technician

After close to 20 years of being in the aesthetic field, 15 of those being in medical aesthetics, I am still so excited to be following my passion in helping women look their best at any age!

I loved owning the award winning Vida Spa in Milton for over 14 years. However, after many years I took some time off to really consider the direction I wanted to go. My 40’s brought self introspection and led me to focus solely on my passion; anti-aging skincare and sharing my skill as a leading facialist, laser technician and skincare expert. This decision led to the launch of Breathe Medical Spa located in Guelph, Ontario.

I have been trained over the last 20 years by the best of the best: from one on one training with, Boldijarre, the founder of Eminence Organics, who taught me the true sense of touch and the ability your hands have to alter the skin and mood of clients, Angela Walsh, my idol in the laser technician field, trainers from Sciton, Clarion Medical, Pollogen, Solta and a vast number of trainers from Organic, European, Cosmoceutical and Pharmaceutical Skincare lines. My diverse approach to skin care offers me the ability to truly customize treatments to individual needs.

Guelph has really welcomed me and the wonderful staff at Breathe.  I am so grateful and always look forward to welcoming clients to our door and offering the best personalized service available.

I’ve always loved the art of skincare

The treatments that are available to us are vast and can often be confusing. In a traditional full service spa I found it impossible to give my full attention to skincare. At Breathe Medical Spa I’m able to focus on my passion for skin care and do what I absolutely love. With every client that walks through the door our goal is to transform client’s skin health and quality, helping them be the best they can be at any age. With the intimacy of my boutique style Medical Spa and anti-aging clinic I have the ability to offer the setting, the standards and the expertise I demand and that my clients deserve.

Lines and Anti-aging
Brown Spots and Freckles
Acne, Redness, Blood Vessels
Hair Removal
Loose Skin
For the Men

Customized treatment plans

My first class team along with myself offer customized treatment plans for each and every client. This is so important to getting the best results possible. The key to great skincare is to mix it up (stacking) … Give the skin a shock once in a while to wake it up!  As a woman well into my forties and with the luck to have many interactions with many wonderful women and men I fully understand that growing older and seeing yourself change is not always easy.  Sometimes it’s downright hard.  My goal is to be here for you, to share with you what I have learned and to offer you treatments that work.  I have done all the leg work  and can help you through the transitions that come with the passing years and different stages of life.