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20% Off Services
30% Off Laser Hair Removal

(excluding cosmetic injections)
Valid For 6 Months


20% Off Services
30% Off Laser Hair Removal
10% Off Botox
10% Off All Retail
Valid For 1 Year


20% Off Services
30% Off Laser Hair Removal
10% Off Botox and Juvederm
15% Off All Retail
Valid for 1 Year

How it works:

This is a one time offer to buy into Our VIP Account Program for the year. It must be purchased at our location by November 22, 2019. It allows you to receive sale pricing every day. No more waiting for the the possibility of that special service you like to have done, possibly being offered at a discounted price.

  1. Consider your buying and service habits and pick the account that best suits your needs. Consultations are complimentary if you wish to sit down with us and discuss a 6 month or 1 year treatment plan.
  2. Make an on account payment for the option that fits your budget and skin care goals.
  3. Enjoy continuous savings over a 6 or 12 month period. We track your VIP account and you can view it’s balance at anytime.

This is a one time purchase option. Discounts are applicable to full priced services and products only. This may not be used with any other packages or promotions. If you do not use your funds within the time period of your designated account expiry date, your funds are still yours to use at Breathe, but without the discounts associated with the VIP Account. Cosmetic injection services are only discounted as stated in each VIP Account option. If an injection service is not named it does not apply.


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